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  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc.
    Release Date10/06/2015
    Release DateOctober 6, 2015
    On May 20, 2015, The INGAA Foundation held a workforce development workshop in Houston, TX. The following report summarizes the workshop’s discussion, lists the challenges determined by the group, and outlines potential solutions and next steps for the INGAA Foundation and member companies.
  • Argonne National Laboratory
    Release Date02/01/1994
    Release DateFebruary 1, 1994
    Mitigating the environmental impacts on wetland ecosystems of oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation is a critical issue in the development of national oil and gas resources. (February 1994)
  • Release Date01/01/1998
    Release DateJanuary 1, 1998
    Representatives from the natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, telecommunications and electric utilities industries gathered in Denver on September 26, 1997, to discuss land use, user fees, transaction costs, rights of way and other related issues as they apply to Native American lands. (January 1998)
  • Release Date02/01/2000
    Release DateFebruary 1, 2000
    Distributed generationhas the potential to change the structure of electric power generation and distribution and redefine how electric services are delivered to customers. (February 2000)
  • ICF International
    Release Date11/01/2008
    Release DateNovember 1, 2008
    This report forecasts that North American unconventional natural gas recoverable reserves from tight gas, coalbed methane, and shale gas formations exceed 900 trillion cubic feet (Tcf).  The report states that overall recoverable natural gas resources in the U.S. and Canada exceed 2,330 ...
  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc.
    Release Date11/08/2012
    Release DateNovember 8, 2012
    This paper demonstrates that the age of a natural gas transmission pipeline, in and of itself, is not the most important factor affecting the safety of that pipeline. This paper’s review of incidents reported to the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) from 2002 through 2009 found that 85% of incidents occurred irrespective of a pipeline’s age, with just 15% related in some way to the age of the pipeline.
  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc. and Black & Veatch
    Release Date05/07/2019
    Release DateMay 7, 2019
    This study on the role of natural gas in the transition to a lower-carbon economy was undertaken to examine trends affecting energy use in the United States over a 20-year horizon, from 2020 to 2040, with a focus on understanding how natural gas complements a lower-carbon economy, while identifying potential challenges and opportunities for the natural gas pipeline industry.
  • Release Date06/01/1996
    Release DateJune 1, 1996
    The natural gas industry in the United States is undergoing major changes that are reshaping traditional roles, creating opportunities for new participants, and redefining the scope and character of government regulation. (June 1996)
  • Release Date02/01/1999
    Release DateFebruary 1, 1999
    The INGAA Foundation commissioned Gulf Interstate Engineering (GIE), a professional engineering firm, to undertake a study and make an objective determination of appropriate widths for safe, maneuverable pipeline construction rights-of-way. (February 1999)
  • Jacobs Consultancy Inc. and Gas Transmission Systems Inc.
    Release Date12/06/2013
    Release DateDecember 6, 2013
    Hydrostatic pressure testing of existing pipelines presents unique safety, operating, environmental and community liaison challenges beyond those encountered in commissioning new pipelines. In addition, outside the pipeline industry there is limited understanding regarding technical and practical considerations of conducting hydrostatic pressure testing of existing pipelines.

    This White Paper addresses these matters by providing technical, operational, practical and safety guidance in the planning, design and execution of hydrostatic pressure tests of existing pipelines.
  • Holland & Hart, LLP
    Release Date11/01/2007
    Release DateNovember 1, 2007
    Since the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”) was enacted, federal agencies and courts have struggled to balance species conservation and recovery with economic and development concerns. Industry often struggles with ESA requirements that delay development projects and increase costs while ...
  • Southwest Research Institute
    Release Date12/01/2007
    CopyrightINGAA Foundation, Inc.
    Release DateDecember 1, 2007
     Cased pipe segments are generally believed to be very safe; however, external corrosion compromising the integrity of the cased pipes does exist. The primary types of external corrosion include atmospheric corrosion and corrosion by electrolyte. The external corrosion by electrolyte ...
  • Interliance Consulting, Inc.
    Release Date07/01/2007
    Release DateJuly 1, 2007
    The natural gas transmission industry faces a difficult challenge in maintaining an adequate technical workforce today and throughout the next decade.  This study assesses the risks to the industry’s workforce and knowledge assets resulting from the present level of internal company ...
  • Schneider Electric for the INGAA Foundation
    Release Date12/22/2016
    Release DateDecember 22, 2016
    Rate of Change alarms are used in modern SCADA systems to notify a gas controller of sudden changes in pipeline operating characteristics such as pressure and flow rate. This study evaluates the feasibility for using SCADA “pattern of alarms” techniques to identify ruptures in gas ...