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  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc., P-PIC
    Release Date07/27/2018
    Release DateJuly 27, 2018
    During the first quarter of 2018, The INGAA Foundation commissioned a report by Process Performance Improvement Consulting (P-PIC) and the Center for Applied Psychological Research (CAPR) through the University of Houston to provide a detailed account of how INGAA member companies developed and ...
  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc. and Innovative Environmental Solutions, Inc.
    Release Date09/11/2015
    CopyrightThe INGAA Foundation, Inc.
    Release DateSeptember 11, 2015
    Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a major concern of environmental advocates and policymakers. Since methane is the primary component of natural gas, rising U.S. production from the rapid development of shale gas has caused an increased focus on methane emissions associated with natural gas ...
  • The INGAA Foundation, CEPA Foundation
    Release Date12/11/2018
    Release DateDecember 11, 2018
    This guide provides the details related to the role of the Owner Company’s Facilities Construction Inspector (“Inspector”), in terms of monitoring and inspection requirements throughout the lifecycle of the field component of the facilities construction process. This document is ...
  • The INGAA Foundation and The CEPA Foundation
    Release Date05/10/2016
    Release DateMay 10, 2016
    This guide provides the details related to the role of the Owner Company’s Pipeline Construction Inspector (“Inspector”), in terms of monitoring and inspection requirements throughout the lifecycle of the pipeline construction process. This document is written ...
  • BBI International
    Release Date11/01/2008
    Release DateNovember 1, 2008
    The INGAA Foundation, Inc. retained BBI International (BBI) to analyze the natural gas implications for future alternative fuels plants. This analysis looked at current and future biofuels plants and quantities and estimated thermal energy loads. Increased crop production to supply biofuels plants and the resulting increases in fertilizer requirements was reviewed. This study also evaluated alternative thermal energy sources for biofuels plants and energy efficiency gains that may reduce natural gas demand at biofuels plants. It also addressed the natural gas infrastructure necessary to meet future biofuels production requirements.
  • Release Date05/01/1992
    Release DateMay 1, 1992
    This report presents the results of a program of analysis and study performed during 1991 on Clean Air Act regulations which impact the natural gas transmission industry. This program is sponsored by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation. The objectives of this work program are to enhance understanding and response of the gas transmission industry to air regulatory issues which affect the installation and operation of gas transmission pipeline facilities.
  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc. and Innovative Environmental Solutions, Inc. & Optimized Technical Solutions
    Release Date10/29/2014
    Release DateOctober 29, 2014
    Based on these expected air regulation changes that result in new requirements to reduce NOx from existing equipment, a significant number of stationary engines that drive natural gas compressors in interstate natural gas transmission service will likely require modification to meet new federal or state NOx rules or permitting requirements.
  • Release Date03/01/2005
    Release DateMarch 1, 2005
    The INGAA Foundation Inc. commissioned ENSR International (ENSR), to undertake a study to identify potential solutions to conflicts that sometimes arise between regional, federal, state, local, and/or tribal governing entities when siting, constructing, and maintaining interstate natural gas pipelines. .(January 2005)
  • Release Date11/01/2001
    Release DateNovember 1, 2001
    In 1999 the BLM issued a proposed rule abandoning the traditional linear fee rent method, where rent is calculated based on the area of right-of-way times the market value of the land, in favor of a value of throughput rent method. (November 2001)
  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc.
    Release Date01/17/2013
    Release DateJanuary 17, 2013
    This primer was written to explain how interstate natural gas pipelines are constructed, from the planning stages to completion. The primer is designed to help the reader understand what is done during each step of construction, how it is done, the types of equipment used, and the types of special practices employed in commonly found construction situations.
  • ICF International
    Release Date02/01/2009
    Release DateFebruary 1, 2009
    This study focuses on the pipeline infrastructure requirements for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) in connection with compliance with mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The major conclusion of the study is that while CCS technologies are relatively well defined, there remain ...
  • The INGAA Foundation, Inc.
    Release Date06/10/2010
    Release DateJune 10, 2010
    A number of impending environmental regulations have created uncertainties about the ability of
    certain coal‐fired power plants (utility owned and merchant owned) to remain profitable into the
    extended future. While impending greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation is one of the largest threats to
    coal-fired power plants’ economic viability, a number of other increasingly stringent environmental
    programs, including new rules regulating emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and
    Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), will adversely affect these plants’ economics.
  • Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC
    Release Date09/01/2007
    Release DateSeptember 1, 2007
    This report was prepared in order to provide a high level view of the integrity assessment process for pipelines operating under an integrity management program. Specifically, this report looks at the tools and processes used during the integrity assessment or inspection and the results of these ...