Emergency Responders

Emergency Response Page

INGAA, the INGAA Foundation, Inc., the Association of Oil Pipe Lines and the American Petroleum Institute worked together to create a video series to explain to emergency responders how to respond to a transmission pipeline emergency.

INGAA is committed to working with emergency responders and providing them with the important information they need to respond to natural gas pipeline incidents. INGAA's Incident Mitigation Management calls for improved operator coordiation with first responders. 

It includes increasing the awareness of first responders to:

  • pipeline location
  • product, diameter
  • the location of valves, boxes and vaults
  • the approximate time to isolate
  • other factors 

 INGAA is also committed to:

  • developing a plan for training, tabletop and full-scale emergency exercises with responders, planned on a risk-tiered basis.
  • a planned, coordinated communication process with emergency responders
  • a training process for improving the situational awareness of gas controllers
  • a process for consulting with local 911 districts on notification procedures
  • procedures for evacuating gas and rendering locations safe for responders, including the use of blow-off valves 

If a pipeline is located your area, the pipeline operator is obligated to notify you. Please work with the company to set up a meeting to and learn about the pipeline, emergency response efforts and training programs. 


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