Public: What you need to know

Pipeline markers

Pipelines are marked with above-ground signs that indicate their general location and provide basic information about the pipeline, including the product carried and the name and contact information of the company that operates the line.

Pipelines are located in areas called a right-of-way (ROW) and these ROWs are often recognizable as corridors that are clear of trees, buildings or other structures except for the pipeline markers.

Pipeline markers are generally yellow, black and red in color.

The primary function of these above-ground markers is to identify the location of the pipeline generally as an alert to those who might be working along the pipeline corridor for another utility or during the construction of homes or businesses nearby.

Above-ground signs have several functions. For example, a specific type marker allows identification of the pipeline for routine monitoring by airplanes or helicopters. 

Remember: If you plan to do any digging work, call 811 before you dig.