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Call before you dig

Excavation damage is the leading cause of serious natural gas transmission pipeline incidents that result in fatalities and injuries. All interstate pipeline companies promote damage prevention laws and state “Call Before You Dig” programs. The One-Call system requires anyone planning to dig to contact the local One-Call office before any excavation to locate underground pipes and utilities, excavate carefully around the pipe, and report any damage that may be caused to the pipeline or its coating. With the strong support of INGAA members, this law led to the creation of the national “811 Call Before You Dig” damage prevention program, a critically important public awareness initiative that provides a single, nationwide phone number to obtain detailed information about buried cables and pipelines in each state.

Use the One-Call System before you do any type of excavation

  • Call 811 Before You Dig so underground pipes and utilities are properly identified and marked
  • Excavate carefully around any pipeline facilities
  • Inform the One-Call System and pipeline operator of possible unmarked excavation or suspected pipeline damage 

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