Steps of Construction

Step 4: Restoration of the Right of Way



The final step in the construction process is to restore the land as closely as possible to its original condition.

Depending on the requirements of the project, this process typically involves such things as replacing topsoil, removing large rocks that may have been brought to the surface, completing any final repairs to irrigation systems or drain tiles, spreading lime or fertilizer, restoring fences, etc. 

The restoration crew carefully grades the right-of-way. In hilly areas, the crew installs measures to prevent erosion such as interceptor dikes, which are small earthen mounds constructed across the right-of-way to stop water from entering.

The restoration crew may also install riprap, consisting of stones or timbers, along streams to stabilize soils. As a final measure, the crew plants seed and mulch along the construction right-of-way, to restore the foliage and grassland.