INGAA President: “FERC functions best when it has a full complement of commissioners”


December 06, 2018
Washington, DC, December 06, 2018 —

Washington, December 6, 2018 – Interstate Natural Gas Association president and chief executive officer Don Santa issued the following statement on the U.S. Senate’s confirmation of Bernard McNamee to serve as a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission commissioner:

“We applaud the Senate for quickly and efficiently confirming Bernard McNamee to serve as a FERC commissioner and wish him well in his new role. As a former FERC commissioner, I know from experience that FERC functions best when it has a full complement of commissioners. We appreciate the Senate making this nomination a priority.

“As an independent regulatory agency, FERC plays a critical role in ensuring that our nation has reliable energy infrastructure which provides all Americans with safe and secure access to electricity, natural gas and transportation fuels. INGAA looks forward to working with FERC and the new Congress, to ensure that energy infrastructure, including natural gas pipelines, remains a top priority.”