Verdanterra, LLC Consulting/Research
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Verdanterra, LLC is an environmental field services company that recognizes that quality does not need to be sacrificed to gain efficiency. Our team addresses the environmental and regulatory issues for the energy industry, with a particular focus on the oil & gas midstream marketplace.

Services We Offer:
Environmental Assessment
We specialize in natural resource field assessment, including wetland and waterway delineation, and endangered and protected species habitat assessments. This is the core of our business. Our field staff members are seasoned – and they understand the technical aspects of their work as well as the demands clients have to drive projects to construction. This balanced understanding allows us to identify potential hurdles before they become problems. It also lets us excel in routing and siting linear infrastructure. 
Environmental Permitting
Our staff excels in identifying regulatory drivers that define project development timelines. Our expertise in Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, National Historic Preservation Act, and National Environmental Policy Act compliance allows us to inform client decisions from initial project conception through construction. Our area of greatest strength is providing the regulatory and permitting support for gathering and small-to-midsize midstream programs.
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  • Consulting/ Research