Construction Safety Guidelines

The mission of this initiative is to develop Safety Consensus Guidelines for common natural gas pipeline construction activities. This comprehensive collection of guidance documents includes relevant pipeline construction topics  with an emphasis on enhancing safety performance throughout the industry. The Guidelines are endorsed by the INGAA Foundation Membership and will support and compliment applicable regulatory requirements. Applying and adhering to more universal guidelines related to employee safety in the interstate pipeline construction industry will promote consistency and level the “playing field” for all construction contractors. Member organizations are encouraged to compare current safety procedures and contractual requirements to the new Guidelines and determine whether adopting new Guidelines (where current practice differs) may stimulate enhanced safety performance through the use of different procedures and/or aligning procedures with those common across the industry.


Download the Basic Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines 

Download the Pressure Testing (Hydrostatic / Pneumatic) Safety Guidelines

Download the Overhead Utilities Safety Guidelines

Download the Trenching and Excavation Safety Guidelines

Download the Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing Guidelines

Download the Job Safety Analysis Guidelines 

Download the Guidelines for Contractors to Prepare for Onsite Protests 

Download the Guidelines for Contractors to Prepare for PHMSA Inspection 

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