INGAA Foundation Safety & Quality Committee

In 2009, the INGAA Foundation laid the groundwork for understanding and enhancing the safety culture and performance of the natural gas pipeline industry. The catalyst for change is the public concern for the ongoing level of safety performance, not only within the pipeline industry, but also more generally within the energy and petrochemical industries. The work completed in 2009 established that performance within our industry can best be enhanced if addressed in a collaborative and coordinated fashion. Broad support was received from the Board Members of the Foundation, for the INGAA Foundation facilitating a coordinated agenda of actions that would be effective if implemented broadly within the industry. In 2015, The INGAA Foundation Safety Committee approved the addition of Quality to its mission.

The INGAA Foundation Safety & Quality Committee will oversee and act as a “steering committee” for safety and quality initiatives identified by the Foundation members and the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Also, within its established mandate and budget, the Committee will independently propose to the Board of Directors programs and actions that support and motivate safe and quality work practices in the natural gas pipeline industry.

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