Natural gas touches everyone’s lives. It heats 76 million homes, generates 30 percent of the nation’s electricity, is a key component of the fertilizer that helps grow our crops and is used by manufacturers to make a wide range of products from trash bags to lipstick to toys. Pipelines make the use of natural gas possible by delivering the gas safely and reliably across the country.

Consumers and producers alike have benefited from the recent boom in domestic natural gas. Gas now provides a full quarter of the energy used in the United States, as power plants, factories and homeowners enjoy the savings offered by the abundance of natural gas.

While most people think of their furnaces and stoves when they hear about natural gas, it actually has a wide variety of uses on a daily basis. Whether it’s the clothes you wear, the electricity you use, or the movies you watch, natural gas has a role to play in making your life better.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, so its increased use is helping to reduce pollution. At the same time, the growth in domestic production is fueling America’s economy. Abundant natural gas is creating thousands of jobs in the production and pipeline sector, and it’s driving a resurgence is the U.S. manufacturing sector.

As gas production and use increases nationwide, more pipelines will be constructed to deliver the natural gas to market. This should provide over 350.000 Americans with well-paying jobs throughout the next 20 years.



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