Millennium Pipeline Company, LLC
One Blue Hill Plaza, 7th floor, PO Box 1565 Pearl River NY 10965
Phone 1(877) 213-1944

Natural gas is an abundant fuel that can help deliver cleaner air and dramatically improve the quality of our environment. It helps to power economic expansion, jobs and a transition away from the higher-impact fuels of the 20th century like coal and oil. Natural gas is a domestically-produced fuel that keeps more of our energy dollars here at home, rather than sending them to unstable parts of the world. At Millennium, we work every day to ensure that our core values stay in focus. In simple terms, our goals as residents of the Northeast, is to contribute to an enhanced quality of life for our friends, family and neighbors through the safe, efficient and environmentally-sound delivery of this 21st-century fuel.

Our goal is for every interaction you have with the Millennium team to be a positive one. If it is not, we encourage you to contact us at so that we can make it right.

Organization Type
  • Pipeline