National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation Pipeline
6363 Main Street Williamsville NY 14221 United States
Phone 1716-857-7000

At National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation, the Pipeline and Storage segment of National Fuel Gas Company, we specialize in transporting and storing natural gas. For more than 100 years we've been successfully serving utilities, pipelines, marketers and energy generators in the growing markets of the northeastern U.S.

We provide interstate natural gas transmission and storage for affiliated and nonaffiliated companies through an integrated gas pipeline system that extends 2,877 miles from southwestern Pennsylvania to the New York-Canadian border at the Niagara River.
Located at the “crossroads” of the pipeline network serving the Northeast, we own and operate a 2,877-mile pipeline network extending from the Canadian gateway at Niagara, south to the Ellisburg-Leidy Hub, and west to the Appalachian Basin. In addition, we own and operate 31 underground natural gas storage areas (four of which are co-owned and operated). Most of our operations are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Organization Type
  • Pipeline