DT Midstream
500 Woodward Avenue, Suite 2900 Detroit MI 48226 United States

DT Midstream is an active market participant across the Midwest, Appalachia, the Northeast and eastern Canada, owning interstate pipelines, gas gathering and gas storage assets. 

In Michigan, DT Midstream owns the Washington 10 storage complex in the southeastern part of the state, providing easy access to markets in the Midwestern and Northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada. The company’s Michigan Gathering System in the northern part of the lower peninsula includes 336 miles of rich and dry gas gathering and intrastate pipelines.

The 135-mile Appalachia Gathering System serves dry gas production in northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. Also serving natural gas production in those two areas is the Stonewall Gas Gathering Lateral Pipeline, which includes a 68-mile high-pressure gathering pipeline system. In northeast Pennsylvania, the 197-mile Susquehanna Gathering System offers dry gas gathering services for Marcellus shale production, and the Tioga Gathering System provides dry gas gathering services in Tioga County.

DT Midstream’s Bluestone Gathering Lateral Pipeline in Pennsylvania includes a 65-mile high-pressure gathering lateral pipeline system connecting field gathering and compression facilities. Bluestone connects with two interstate pipelines — the Millennium Pipeline to the north and the Tennessee Gas Pipeline to the south. The Birdsboro Pipeline is a 14-mile interstate natural gas pipeline located in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

The Blue Union Gathering System spans 343 miles in Louisiana and east Texas, delivering to markets in the Gulf Coast region. And stretching from the Haynesville shale area in northern Louisiana to the Gulf Coast region is the LEAP Gathering Lateral Pipeline, a 155-mile high-pressure lateral pipeline.

DT Midstream’s portfolio includes the 25-mile Generation Pipeline, a joint venture with Enbridge Inc. (50% ownership) and DT Midstream (50%) designed to deliver natural gas to customers in the greater Toledo, Ohio area. The company also has 40 percent ownership of the Vector Pipeline, 26.25 percent ownership of the Millennium Pipeline and 50 percent ownership of the 256-mile NEXUS pipeline.