Cheniere Energy, Inc.
700 Milam Suite 1900 Houston TX 77002 United States
Phone 1US (+1) 713-375-5000

Cheniere Energy, Inc. (NYSE Amex Equities: LNG) is an international energy company headquartered in Houston, Texas, and is the leading producer of liquefied natural gas in the United States. Cheniere is a full-service LNG provider. We purchase natural gas from the robust, transparent, and liquid U.S. natural gas market in multiple states and Canada, process the natural gas into LNG, and offer our customers the option to load the LNG onto their vessels at our terminals, or we will deliver the LNG to regasification facilities around the world. Cheniere is the 2nd largest LNG operator in the world. In February 2016, Cheniere became the first company to ship LNG from a commercial facility in the contiguous United States. Cheniere is operating, constructing, and developing two LNG facilities on the U.S. Gulf Coast. Natural gas is transported to Cheniere’s LNG facilities on 3rd party pipelines on which we own firm transportation capacity, as well as on pipelines Cheniere has constructed, owns, and operates.