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  • Abandoned Well
    An oil or gas well not in use because it was a dry hole originally, or because it has ceased to produce in paying quantities. State statutes and regulations require the plugging of abandoned wells to prevent oil, gas, or water seeping from one stratum of ...
  • Abandonment
    Termination of a sale or interstate transportation of natural gas. Abandonment of a service that is subject to FERC jurisdiction requires some type of advance determination by the FERC under Section 7 (b) of the NGA that the "present or future public convenience ...
  • Abandonment, Pregranted
    A provision of a FERC certificate of public convenience and necessity that authorizes abandonment on a future condition subsequent or on a date certain.
  • Absolute Pressure
  • Access
    The legal right to use an electrical or gas transmission and /or distribution system as a means of transferring electrical energy or natural gas as set forth in the contract.
  • Access Charge
    A charge levied on power supplied, or its customer, for access to a utility's transmission or distribution system. It is a charge for the right to send electricity over another's wires.
  • Account No. 191
    Tracking system established by the FERC for unrecovered gas supply costs incurred by interstate pipelines, to be eliminated once pipelines sell gas at market-based rates under blanket sales certificates pursuant to Order No. 636.
  • Account No. 858
    Tracking system established by the FERC used by interstate pipelines for costs incurred transporting sales gas on upstream pipelines.
  • Ace
    See Area Control Error.
  • Acid Rain
    Also called acid precipitation or acid deposition, acid rain is precipitation containing harmful amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids formed primarily by nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned. It can be wet ...
  • Acquired Capacity Agreement
    Under capacity release, an agreement between a gas pipeline and an acquiring shipper which establishes the terms and conditions for the acquiring shipper using firm capacity rights from a releasing shipper.
  • Acquiring Shipper
    In the context of capacity release, a shipper who acquires firm capacity rights from a releasing shipper (also known as "replacement shipper").
  • Acre-Feet
    The amount of water it takes to cover one acre to a depth of one foot. This measure is used to describe the quantity of storage in a hydrosystem reservoir. An average household of four will use approximately one acre foot of water per year.
  • Actual Interchange
    Metered electric power that flows from one control area to another.
  • Actual Peak Reduction
    The actual reduction in annual system peak load (measured in kilowatts) achieved through consumer's participation in a utility DSM (See Demand Side Management) program. It reflects the changes in the demand for electricity resulting from a utility DSM program that ...
  • Actual Unit Starts
    Number of times the unit was synchronized.
  • Actuals
    In the context of futures trading, actual cash commodities in contrast to futures commodities. In the context of ratemaking, actual costs and throughput data relating to a given time frame.
  • Ad Valorem Tax
    Tax imposed at a percent of a value. Local property taxes are often ad valorem taxes.
  • Adequacy
    A bulk electric power system's ability to supply the aggregate electrical demand and energy requirements of customers at all times.
  • Adequate Regulating Margin
    The minimum on-line capacity that can be increased or decreased to allow the system to respond to all reasonable demand changes in order to be in compliance with the NERC Control Performance Criteria. See Spinning Reserves.
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