Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.

R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. has fully three decades of service to the energy sector. Working on natural gas, liquids, products, and crude oil pipelines, the Goodwin team has provided the cultural resources expertise for permitting many of our nation’s largest and most important energy projects. Those projects include the longest pipelines built in over a half century in the Southeast and Midwestern regions; the longest pipeline ever built across the Gulf of Mexico; and numerous greenfield, looping, and lateral pipelines across the United States from the Atlantic to New Mexico and from South Texas to the Bakken Shale. Our project teams have provided cultural resources compliance for wind energy projects in the Eastern, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South, Midwest, and Plains states as well as in nearshore waters and on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS); for electric transmission lines across many states; and for nuclear power plants and co-generation facilities. Our work on solar energy projects has focused on the desert Southwest. We also have taken the cultural resources lead in permitting and in developing EIS documents for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facilities in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Atlantic Seaboard. We are the oldest Associate Member of the Southern Gas Association, a sponsor and host of its annual Environmental Conference, and the recipient of its Environmental Excellence and Stewardship award.

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