About The INGAA Foundation

INGAA Foundation Membership

Membership in the INGAA Foundation is open to natural gas pipelines and companies that provide goods and services to pipelines worldwide. Today, the INGAA Foundation has more than 150 member companies representing natural gas pipeline companies, construction companies, engineering firms, pipe and compressor manufacturers, accounting firms, companies providing information technology services and other suppliers of goods and services to the pipeline industry.

INGAA Foundation Guiding Principles 

The Foundation has established a set of Guiding Principles to govern its business activities and interactions with others. Existing members are committed to abide by these principles and new members are required to accept them.

INGAA Foundation Studies

The Foundation's primary activity is to sponsor research aimed at promoting natural gas use and safe, efficient pipeline construction and operation. Since 1990, the Foundation has completed over 110 studies, in addition to many projects and workshops which benefit the industry. These projects focus on key industry issues such as environmental impacts of energy use, improved pipeline construction practices, pipeline safety procedures, new technologies and market opportunities for natural gas.

The Foundation also sponsors briefings and conferences on topics of special interest to its members. These conferences promote information exchange and foster communication among pipelines, contractors, service providers, and representatives from government agencies and academic institutions.

The Foundation provides the ideal environment for companies involved in the energy business to gain insights on the fast-changing natural gas industry.