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  • 941KB, PDF
    On August 2, INGAA, AGA and API submitted comments to PHMSA (attached) as a follow-up to PHMSA’s June GPAC meeting. At this meeting, the GPAC discussed several topics from PHMSA’s “Safety of Gas Transmission and Gathering Pipelines” proposed rulemaking, including topics ...
  • 279KB, PDF
    Post-Technical Conference Comments of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
    Pursuant to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“FERC” or “Commission”) “Notice of Technical Conference (“Notice”) and “Supplemental Notice of Technical Conference” (“Supplemental Notice”) on developments in ...
  • 378KB, PDF
    Office of the General Counsel, Department of Transportation
    INGAA on July 24 suggested new alternatives to the existing class-location change regulation in response to a request for information as the Department of Transportation reviews “existing regulations to identify unnecessary obstacles to transportation infrastructure projects.” INGAA, ...
  • 250KB, PDF
    Supplemental Comments of AGA, API, AOPL, GPA Midstream and INGAA on the Construction of Pipelines Using Domestic Steel & Iron
    Department of Commerce Office of Policy and Strategic Planning
    AGA, API, AOP, GPA Midstream Association, INGAA
    The American Gas Association (AGA), the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL), the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and GPA Midstream Association (GPA) jointly submit the attached ICF technical report, “Feasibility and Impacts of ...
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North America Midstream Infrastructure through 2035: Leaning Into the Headwinds
The widely recognized 2014 INGAA Foundation infrastructure study projected significant infrastructure development, driven by robust market growth and continued development of North American unconventional natural gas and crude oil supplies. Market conditions have changed dramatically since completion of that study, warranting an updated analysis of infrastructure development.