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    Public safety is the pipeline industry’s number one priority. The men and women working at the companies that build and operate North America’s interstate natural gas pipeline system have created the safest mode of energy transportation in the world today. Ensuring the integrity of the natural gas system is a key part of this commitment, and hydrostatic testing is one tool used by pipeline operators to do just that.
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    INGAA is comprised of 25 members, representing the vast majority of the interstate natural gas transmission pipeline companies in the U.S. and comparable companies in Canada. INGAA’s members operate approximately 200,000 miles of pipelines, and serve as an indispensable link between natural gas producers and consumers.
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The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), the North American association representing interstate and interprovincial natural gas pipeline companies, speaks for the companies that own and operate those lines. This site includes information on INGAA activities as well as the natural gas pipeline industry.
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